What's the final shape of the unsaved's soul? (see John3, Num 21, Psa 22, Job 25, Mark 9, 2Cor 5, Col 2)


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Something which does not exist, has no shape.
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A soul does exist, and you will see this very thing when you die. Because a soul never dies, even in the pit of fire.
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Restless,in torment .eternal .lost,blind,dumb,cast down.in other words they will be in a place of eternal torment where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched. As the example of the rich man looking across the void from hell  into heaven asking abraham and the beggar that use to sit outside his home at the gates when he was alive on earth asking for a crumb of food from his table or a little help(paraphrased loosely) for releif from his sores. The rich man asked abraham to send someone to tell his family/brothers not to end up where he was by not asking for forgiveness of the Lord/God/Jesus.(basically). It would also help if you would tell us which text(version of the bible you are reading from and the verses along with the chapter(book of the bible).did i get it right.
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It ends up looking like a pineapple.
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What do you mean?  Do you mean:  What is the final destination of the unsaved's soul?

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