Is it possible for any civilised, cultured human being to survive much beyond one week without their rational and essential three-hours-per-day diet of television viewing?


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Yes.  Even if they are only civilized and not cultured.  It's hard though.  Can you come up with a 12 step program?  TVA.  Television Viewers Anonymous?  Members could say, "Im a friend of Tony".  They could meet in parks, libraries, art galleries, botanical gardens, natatoriums etc.  If you feel the urge to watch, you could always call your sponsor.
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Tony Newcastle
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Yeah, I like your satirical slant. ~~I've had several calls from Stone Age cavemen and women, asking what all the fuss is about?
Duane Bryant
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But if they're watching the telly, how do they know you exist? I like you're satirical questioning!
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A week without Television? No problemo!!  Let's one up this.  How about a week without any unnecessary electronics what so ever? No computers, cell phones, tablets, ipods, etc.. Now that would be tough.  We live in a technological world.  All it would take for us to be back in the "stone age" is a decent sized solar flare.  Even with the earths magnetic field enough radiation can get through to damage our satellites and knock out power which controls almost every aspect of modern life today.
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I think most people couldn't in all honesty as most people that i know are either soaps, sports or documentary fans.While i'm a Strictly Come Dancing fan ( yeah sad i know ) and like to keep tabs during the week on what's going down.Most people can access their fave shows via computer or handhelds, so they can pretty much do without an actual set.But in this high-tech era, even the weather and news are important to a lot of people,so a lot of people, if not all of them, will be bouncing off the walls if forced to go beyond one week.

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