What do you think about ATHEISM and DEISM, etc? Why do you think these beliefs exist?


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I was a  Christian until my mid-twenties. It took a little time to shake off the childhood conditioning. For the past fifty-odd years I've been an atheist.

Believing that "there must be a god" to have created the Universe places us in exactly the same place as the ancients who lacked the knowledge and modern education needed to understand why things are as they are. They attributed them to gods, sprites, fairies, and all manner of ghostly ghoulies. There are still things we don't know, of course, but we're getting closer all the time.

But being an atheist doesn't mean we can't also explore the spiritual side of our nature. I could list a whole string of personal experiences that defy explanation (sorry gang, "coincidence" and "self-delusion" go only so far) and which indicate that there may be something beyond the physical. It's one of the intriguing questions.

Those who prefer to believe in a guy-in-the-sky-who-grants-wishes certainly have plenty of candidates to choose from. For instance, in Iceland they've just built a temple to the old Norse gods. And why not? They're as valid as any other.

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Because a lot of people can't or won't grasp the thought of Christianity or the Bible. I'm not a Christian myself. I'm a Shintoist and it's more Buddhism like. I see people argue about these things all the time. Shintoism is more theist than anything else. We believe in a different way of life. Those that believe in nothing have a lot to learn.

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I think atheist is the strangest of them all they don't believe in anything.They think we just came into the world without creation, but I can't blame them a little sometimes I feel like I'm agnostic even though I'm a Christian

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I am an atheist and I don't think we just came here for no reason. I don't know why science is trying to answer that question. I believe things that have fact not faith.
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Something can't come from nothing, this is true, but I believe our interpretation of how the universe could've been created is completely misinterpreted, thinking there is a place like heaven and hell. In the real world nothing is perfect as well imperfect. To think that in afterlife there is a certain destiny for wrongdoers and right-doers based on karmic theory isn't realistic. As far as intergalactic, divine beings creating the universe goes this is more plausible going back to the basis of 'something can't come from nothing'. Unless the Big Bang theory is true. But even with theories like quantum physics and space-time travel (even though time doesn't exist) there is loops and things that don't match up

There is something's that we will never ,In any of our lifetimes, be able to interpret with great comprehension as a people but, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Allah could be a symbol for divine beings that created these scientific occupancies and loopholes that created the universe. Through possible evolution, physics and equations. Idk just a theory anyhow.

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ATHEISM is the default we are all born with.

Nobody is born believing in a deity or religion - you have to be taught that.

Most Atheists ... If they were given actual scientific evidence of a deity - they would accept it, and believe in that deity.  Basically, they refuse to believe in a deity on faith alone.

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"Atheism is the default we are born with". I thought it was the opposite. I used to believe in lots of things when I was an infant that no one taught me. I used to believe in spiritual growth, sin, God, hell, rebirth and even enlightenment started from about 3 years old. In fact I didn't really know how to envisage atheism until recently when I read The God Delusion and other atheistic writing. I think what you are born with just depends on who you are. Ultimately, what you believe in just comes down to your innate beliefs. Like, I'd like to give up having beliefs, but I can't stop believing in what I take to be true ie. having a soul, life having a spiritual, rebirth etc.
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Nope. EVERYBODY is born without any beliefs or morals ... those are taught by society, starting with parents, even before you are conscious of the teaching.

Simplest evidence is sociopaths ... who have no morals. It isn't that they "lost" any beliefs/morals ... it is that they never learned any.
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What do I think of Atheism and Theism. Well, I think there is a third option that is more natural, agnosticism. I don't think you can be sure of atheism or theism all the time, unless you are predisposed to feel that way of course. I found the comment on "theism being learned" interesting. I don't really feel that theism is learned. I think that there are lots of times in one's life, especially towards the end of life, when one might just instinctually "call out to the universe", inwardly searching for an ultimate, world-creating Being who understands what one is going through. As well, lots of people might be naturally inclined towards atheism, but from what I've read, lots of people hone by consciously analysing stuff and philosophically trying to prove why God might be improbable.

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