Is it considered selfish if you pray when you don't want someone to become popular?


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Yes, it not only is selfish, it's very immature.  There's enough popularity to go around for everybody.  Prayers to GOD should be for help and to help.  Most people don't realize that the greatest prayer is just.."THY WILL BE DONE."  So, just release this problem to the River of Golden SPIRIT and let the Waters of GOD dissolve the problem in a way that is best for all.  Then, EVERYBODY WINS.

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Yes.  We should only pray for things that benefit all.  The greatest prayer one can pray is simply...THY WILL BE DONE.  Then, just turn all these concerns over to SPIRIT to resolve the best way IT sees fit.  BLESSINGS....

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I would say it is. Its kinda like your asking them to not have a good life which is wrong.

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Prayer is supposed to be selfless and pure.  Not to be used to ask for selfish things, but for a new heart, spirit, nature, righteousness, faith, understanding, hope, wisdom, and love.  Pray for others and yourself.  Not to gain material possessions, but to gain Jesus, His righteousness, grace, and mercy.

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