What Does Parochial Mean?


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The word parochial is an adjective that refers to something as being of, supported by, located to or related to a parish. It can also be used in reference to some parochial schools. It can also refer to someone as being provincial. It is used when referring to an outlook or perspective being narrow or limited in scope. Synonyms of the word include insular and parish whereas antonyms of parochial are liberal, cosmopolitan, broad, unrestricted, broadminded etc. Basically parochial means either something referring to a parish or as a limited or narrow-minded outlook.

"These days' young people have little time to spare for a parochial mindset". This is an example of parochial being used in a sentence.
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Seamus Heaney (quoting Patrick Kavenaugh) says the provincial looks over its shoulder at the metropolis, while the parochial has no doubt of its importance.

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