If you could put anything in a bottle, to put on a shelf, what would it be....like would anger, resentment, belong in the back on the bottom shelf? Happiness? Just anything - what would you put in a bottle?


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I would put in a note to my family for them to read after I die.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

My past life of pain and death. Bad marriages and lost love and hope. I would bottle up the war and all the bad memories of the past up until about 6 or 8 months ago when I finally met the woman for me. Now, I have the happiness I've looked for all my life. I'd put everything else in that bottle and seal it shut ! Now I want to concentrate on now and the future with my lady. I finally know happiness.

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I have a couple ideas.

I'd put all the pain and suffering I caused myself and others in that bottle to remind myself I'm never going to do it again. I'd keep that bottle, and every so often I'd inspect it's contents carefully to see if anything is being added to the bottle, and what I could change about it. All of the bitter and hate that I keep inside me would be transferred to the bottle...well, not all of it. Most of it, because you cannot love without hate.

I would keep in another bottle the truly happy moments of my life, because most people, like me, sadly forget about these things and focus on the negative. This way, I'd know who makes me the happiest, and surround myself with those people. It sounds silly but...

In the final bottle I would keep the people that love me, whether either of us are aware of it or not because well...Well humans are curious and a girl's gotta know some things, right? I'm a lil' snoopy...OOH! SNOOPY THE BEAGLE! Surry, I erm...that was *awkwardness.* Erm....Yea.

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Nikki Ridgerider
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No problem! I had fun writing it!
Izzy SouthernGirl
You know it's not too late when time is right you can forgive yourself for the mistakes and after that shake your head through em away and never think of it again . Now you know not to do those things in the future Nikki we all make mistakes.
Nikki Ridgerider
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That's what the jar would be for. To remind myself of all the things that I've done "wrong" and not to do them again.

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