People say we originated from apes, but what if we are really from whales?


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Just study the original scientific literature. You will come to know that lots of concepts are still made upon assumptions.

Regarding this concept that man (Homo-sapiens) has the ancestors from apes, is still based on assumptions. There is still no scientific evidence  to prove it. Their are still lots of  (so-called) missing links in this theory of so-called "Evolution of Homo-sapiens" to prove this theory.

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It's safe to say that that is evolutionarily incorrect. This picture will help clear things up:

From left to right, we first started out pretty much like Chimpanzees. Then as time progressed forward, we slowly started to begin walking on our two back legs, and used our two front ones to handle tools and whatnot.

That's basically a very short summary of how human evolution works, and how we became the homo sapiens that we are today.

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It's realy interesting!
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Well a lot of people say we started as parasites to worms to fish to fish that grew legs and walked on land then formed into primates to cavemen to well you and me but for all science knows we could of started as cucumbers I mean science can be wrong sometimes so we could of been parasites whales fish or primates

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