When people ask a religious question and it gets answered with "God", why does that get removed? It is how this earth was made.


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It gets removed? Maybe a bunch of Blurtit administrators are Atheists? XD Or it could simply be removed so as not to make any Atheists or people of other religions uncomfortable. Keeping in mind these are guesses.

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Izzy SouthernGirl
Oh its okay I just asnwered a question based on Him and how people were created and it got removed its no big deal thank u .
Emily Rivers
Emily Rivers commented
Sometimes answers get deleted if they are not entirely relevant to the question, or have very bad grammar or spelling, just sadly because us admins don't have the time to correct everything! But I've never heard of a post being deleted because of its religious orientation.
Izzy SouthernGirl
Its alright thanks Emily !

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