I have an early memory about a time before I was born? Am I psychic? I don't know how it got there, I just had it in my mind since as long as I could remember. I'm also good at predicting what time of day it is and how much time has passed.


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It is unlikely I'm afraid! The brain is very good at coming up with false memories out of stories it has heard. A study by psychologists Loftus and Pickrell demonstrated that just telling someone something happened to them (when in actual fact it hadn't) leads to them 'remembering' that false event around 25% of the time. (Loftus, E.F.; Pickrell JE (1995). "The formation of false memories". Psychiatric Annals 25: 720–725)

It is likely you heard about the event when you were young and this created a 'memory' of it, the memory of hearing about it soon passing away.

However if you are able to manifest special abilities I suggest you get in touch with the James Randi foundation. They are willing to give one million dollars to anyone able to manifest psychic or supernatual abilities.

Hope this helps!

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Kowalski Mario answered

If you are still an adolescent it could be due to your brain still being developed. This can cause "deja vu" in many teens.

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