How do you accept direction and, at the same time, maintains a critical stance regarding your ideas?


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Hi Anonymous.

To remain critical who have to follow only one simple rule; question everything. Listening to those who know more than you is important, but if they do not answer something to you satisfaction, ask questions. Never just accept an answer just because of the person giving the answer.

In the words of the late journalist Christopher Hitchens, "Never be a spectator to unfairness or stupidity. Seek out argument disputation for its own sake. The grave will be plenty enough time for silence."

Hope that helped! 

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Accepting direction whilst at the same time maintaining a critical stance is one of the most important skills one can master. It is the difference between being too strong-headed and open minded. Being open minded does not mean that you don't have an opinion, it means that you may have your own opinion but be open and accepting of other opinions too.

It is easy for us to think we know it all, but remember, everyone we meet knows something we don't, and we know something others do not know. While we may think that we have it all figured out, we must remember that there are people who are older and wiser than us and who have good intentions for us, and therefore their direction is beneficial to us. Once you accept their intentions in your life as good, you can be open to their direction without having to forfeit your own personal mentality. Everyone changes and grows with new experiences.

It is also important to assess everything carefully. Make sure that the people who are offering you direction are the people who love you, care about you and/or just want to see you do well in life. This will give you the security you need to trust their opinion.

I hope this helps.

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