What are your thoughts on death?


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That it's a natural part of life. It's something everyone will go through. If it's expected...I believe it should be pain free, and with medications available there's no excuse for it not to be.

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Death is a natural part of  life and nobody can object to it.....

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There are many different perceptions about death. Inevitably the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult and excruciating experiences that a person can endure. Death is perceived differently according to an individuals beliefs, values and take on the world.

I personally believe that there are two things in life that are certain and that is birth and death. 

Death for me is a transition into a permanent afterlife as I follow the Islamic faith. Death for me also is passing away and returning to my creator which is Almighty God.

Many Muslims believe that after death we are judged based on our good and bad deeds on a day of judgement when the world will come to an end. Depending on whether we have been a good or bad person we will either end up in our permanent abode of heaven or hell. 

Not many people like to talk about death but it is something that we all know will take place one day as we cannot live forever on this earth.

However it is a very difficult event to handle and can be very distressing for some people. Some people view death as a transition into a hopefully better place and I too believe and hope that after death I will be able to meet God.

I hope this helps to answer your question :)

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My thoughts on death are that it can come any time, any where, and if it has to come and the time is fixed in our destiny then no one can stop death and if our dying time hasn't come then no one can bring death! So that's it! :)

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I think about it quite a bit tbh...

When my time comes, I'll be ready. Enjoy life while you can...

It's bound to happen, I wouldn't stress about it now :)

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It's something that happens to all of us. I like to call it as "Final Destination" as from a movie. I love it! I don't think about death much, it's not important for me & I don't fear it.  I''ll say hello to death anytime. It's suppose to come, we'll get some red wine together tho! Ha! 

Despite so many people that consider death scary, it's funny & not scary to me, but there's one measure I give to death. Just before I die, I'd like do as much positive things & be helpful & useful as much as possible, so at least when I die, someone will mention me as "this guy did this/that" .  .. But anyway I'm too busy enjoying this gift I've got to waste my time thinking about death. Death is death, nothing complicated about it for me.

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Death is an interesting thing. It's one of those experiences we cannot share with others, thus, it is unknown what to expect. And people usually fear the unknown. This is where religions step in and give various explanations on what would happen after you die. And I guess this helps lots of people. :)

On the other hand, I love to think there is nothing afterwards and you just cease to exist. I'm still very young, but so tired from it all, this thought keeps me going towards the end.

And a third point of view I managed to scrounge - it can work as a great motivator. If you know you have an X number of years to accomplish something, you will not procrastinate as much. If you do procrastinate, though, then you simply don't want to achieve stuff. :)

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People claim to know so much about it, yet none of us have died.

Regardless of my belief on what happens afterwards

I know this much is true!

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To me, death is only the next great adventure.

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Your answer made me think :) I like it and I agree wholeheartedly ^^

But... Oh my god.
Your profile picture is amazing, dude, seriously... I just watched the movies for the millionth time today. I love them ❤ ^^
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I saw your profile xD That's awesome :D.. Hello, lightning thief. :D
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Death is a reality as all of us who lost someone in death knows. It is one of mankind greatest enemy. It is a state of complete  inactivity, where a person is conscience of nothing at all. Our lord and Savior Jesus Christ liken death to sleep. (John 11:11-14)

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Everything that lives will die. No one knows exactly when they will die, so there are people that fear death as they don't have control over this final event, generally speaking.

And I think that people, generally speaking, hate knowing that when they die, they leave behind loved ones that will miss them, that will find it hard to cope once they die. I don't like knowing that when I die, my son will be alone. It's been him and I for so long, that death is sometimes hard to think about.

What I can do is prepare him for this eventuality and making sure he has a support system in place, should he need it. I hope this helps.

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