Sometimes I find it quite difficult being a Christian, having to abstain from worldly parties, worldly music, worldly friends while seeing my fellow friends doing all those things and I'm kind of always feeling left out. What should I do?


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There are two ways. The easy and the hard way. God gave us a choice to live life easy or hard.

Easy way:

You can do anything you want. Swear, lie, disobedience, pretty much breaking the Ten Commandments. This means, in the end, you won't get the heavenly reward.

Hard way:

Being kind, obeying, all the good things. Being obedient, not lying, not judging. Repenting, confessing. ALL the things God wants us to do. The more good things, without expecting glory from others, the closer to God you will be in Heaven.

Which way do you think is better? The easy way isn't always the best.

Going back to your question, you don't have to not make friends, but just make the right ones. These things your friends are doing are wrong, don't feel left out because God is watching you. Trust me, build your faith and you will be enlightened in God's glory in the end.

God is so beautiful. All the good things He has done for us is amazing. See the trees, the waves everything bowing down to God. See His creation. He did this for us. He sacrificed HIS ONLY SON for us unworthy sinners. He is so wonderful, He made a big sacrifice, all the pain, the whipping, the nailing, the spitting. It was all so painful. So can't you sacrifice something for Him aswell?

God Bless you. See everything good in life. Don't forget to pray, read the Bible and go to mass!

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