Why do most Muslims memorize the whole of the Koran, or at least most of it?


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We see most Muslims know the Koran by heart or at least most of it because they greatly love and connect to it, in it they also find truthfulness, honesty, orders and legislation which help them to overcome the problems and difficulties of this life. They memorize it so that it can be easier for them to fulfill its orders and follow its guidance and legislation. Whoever can't memorize the whole of the Koran due to his being busy or any other reason he tries to memorize as much as he can. They are aware not to do anything against the orders of the Koran, so they do their best to memorize it to be alive in their minds when doing any work either for this life or for the hereafter or for God's sake.

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To preserve the Qur'an in its original version, something we have been doing for 1400 years. God promised he would preserve it and He has. Not to mention, the rewards that are in store for those who memorize the Holy Qur'an.

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