Sometimes while I'm dreaming I realize that I'm asleep and my body will pull itself out of sleep and wake me up. I can feel myself being pulled and it hurts. Why does this hurt?


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You're having what sounds like nightmares.

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Kayle Smyth
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The thing is that when it happens it's not during violent or scary dreams. The are regular dreams.
Kayle Smyth
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I thought maybe it hurts because my body is pulling itself out of paralysis (I think that's the right term) during the REM stage of sleeping but the dreams don't line up and half the time it's during 20 minute or less naps.
Cyber Tooth Tiger
Yes see if you feel like you can't wake up they claim them are sort of like a nightmare, If you can't move your body but you're sleeping and hear things around you, that can be nightmare

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