What do you think about life?


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I think life gives us what we can make out of it..My life has had lot of gray moments ..They say there's a God but why would he make some of us suffer so much...I sure hope if there's Heaven which I have yet to see cause no one's gone to Heaven and came back- if they did their liar. What makes me wonder why so much suffering in this world? As far as my belief like in religion I've always prayed to Jesus cause that's all I have ever heard who did exist at one time. But I guess it remains to be seen..I sure wish i could say life was easy but It's not at all !!

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Ancient Hippy answered

Life has it's ups and downs, make sure you enjoy the ups.

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ly fen chen answered

Life is short, it makes us grown up from obstacles and problems which make us understand different ways of living, so it depends on people, some are happy but some are sad. These are the ways of our thought of life.

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