Why do we not feel satisfied in life? It's like we keep on wanting more and more. why is that?


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It's caused by one thing called Greed

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It's human nature to want everything but never be satisfied. Mindlessly chasing after happiness, excitement, wealth, fame, ect. You see all these celebrities who are multi-millionaires and have everything they could ever want, yet they resort to doing drugs and sometimes end up killing themselves.  It's because those things can't satisfy.  I know because I've been on that side of things, chasing after the wind.  You have to give your life to Christ if you want fulfillment.  Only Christ can satisfy, love, and give comfort.  And there's nothing more comforting than putting your life in His hands.

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Whenever you do something considered pleasurable, a chemical called dopamine gets released to the brain and then when you next want that sensation again you just try to achieve it again by doing whatever it was that made you release dopamine in the first place... like eating or buying stuff.

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Many humans were raised with the desire to acquire material things.

It takes hard work and even greater control to take only what is necessary to survive.

Many people never make it just like that, but instead surrender to greed. I'm sure you've seen many examples.

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