I live alone and have for 15+ years. What does it mean when I actually believe someone is in bed with me and I actually talk with them ? Also, I will try and touch that person, then wake up, knowning there's no one there ! Thanks


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Perhaps its just your subconscious reaching out for company -- for somebody to share your life, or perhaps for somebody you have lost. It manifests in dreams, and those dreams can be very real.

Enjoy them if you can. If they worry you, you might want to talk to a professional.

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Humans have there very own time machine.
Dreams take you forward, Memory takes you back.
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I'm happy you joined us here, Happy. We haven't seen enough of you, of late.

And Michael: that's a point well made. Only the questioner would know which direction this illusion is pulling.
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If you're living alone, its obvious that someone is not playing tricks on you. I ask if you are on any meds ( ? ) only because generally older people are prescribed a lot of pills. Speak with your doctor... It could be something so simple that you are mistakenly using your prescribed meds. Some meds cause people to have quite vivid dreams and very realistic ones.

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