Is important to know why we were created?


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I agree with Sheldon that "How?" is a far more useful question than "Why?" since the latter simply assumes there is a sentient reason when there is no evidence to support that assumption.  The most important question to answer is, "Now that we are here, what should we do?"

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CalTex - Doug Morgan
@Serenity: I am sure that prayer is what you would think of when facing certain death, but I certainly wouldn't. If I did, which of the thousands of gods worshiped by humans over the years would I choose? The only reason I would have to pray to the God of Abraham is that he was the one with which I was most familiar due to my acculturation. If I was hanging from a window in New Delhi, it would mean I was most likely reared in a Hindu and might instinctively pray to Brahma. 

But I probably wouldn't have that much time to spend wondering which is the right god to hear my prayer. Instead I would spend my last moments hoping I had passed on to my wife, sons, and other loved ones, all that I had wanted to say to them in life.
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I have never felt the need to want to know the answer to this. I would still behave the same whatever the answer is.
Oz Surfer
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Yeah I could only imagine! :o good thing you're still here with us :)
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No. We have created many things that have no knowledge or consciousness of what they are or what their purpose is and yet they are still functional. 

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Yes because when we understand why we were created and why we are here and where we are going. This gives our lives a real purpose for eternity.

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It's important to me. So important, in fact, that I did enough research to find out. I'm happy to share it with you.

Long, long ago in the Land beneath the Southern Cross, a healthy, virile young man was enamoured of a shy young lady. He wooed her, and he won her, and he took her to be his wife.

They did all the things husbands and wives were supposed to do in those days. He worked, she kept house, and they were both very proper and very serious. Sometimes, when they weren't too tired, they made love.

One such mating occurred on a night when the Devil had too much time on his hands and he thought to himself, "Lucifer, old son, let's take a hand in this happy occasion."

But, thankfully, an angel of the Lord learned of his plan to create a Devil of their child and he stepped in and blessed the union so that the Devil's wicked scheme was thwarted. And that is why I was created.

Alas, there are two Didges -- one with horns and one with a halo -- but it's the one with the horns that has the most fun.

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Of course not. The Devil doesn't share his secrets with Google but, since he and I are related, he tells me secret things.
Didge Doo
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Mwahahahaha.... >:-)
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The "Why" is the reason we defend our children, why we stand against injustice, why we defend the weak and the defenceless. Without the "why" we are just petri dishes. There is no logical reason why the universe should follow any rules, let alone the rules of mathmatics, none whatsoever, but it does.

The How alone, leads to a world dominated controlled and [email protected] by mankind to the extent of species becoming endangered and extinct, and fuel and food resources running low.  In comes poverty and disease, lets add war to that because it decreases populus as we are already running short on resources. Let's put the endangered species in zoo's and pump food with preservatives. Let's factory farm animals so we can feed everyone. It doesn't matter how we treat them because they are just animals here to feed us. Let's sterilize african women without their consent in the form of a tetnus shot to help decrease the population. But the populus  are still breeding and we cannot keep up with demand, there are no jobs because machines, made human labour slow in comparison useless infact, besides they are too emotional, and not ruthless enough. 

What are we going to do with all these useless human beings? Sitting them in front of TVs to occupy them and filming everything they do to keep them in line is hard on resources. They are escaping the reality of their lives on the internet and gaming.  Giving them medicine which increases life span and so population growth doesn't make any sense when we don't need as many of them anymore, and there are too many as it is?

Did we ever stop and ask why we should, instead of going forward with the how?

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CalTex - Doug Morgan
@Allo: I tried bowing out graciously and this is what I get in return. Thanks.
Allo Vera
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Your last reply and behaviour was hardly gracious Caltex. Do not act the victim the shoes don't fit.
Allo Vera
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Fact is you came on here to defend Kaywinnets rude and posturing behaviour, with your own rude and posturing behaviour. It can only ever be posturing when you are acting as if you have more knowledge of the man I am speaking about, when you actually have never read about him for yourself. Despite that I was still open and communicative with you, thinking you might actually be interested. But you wasn't you came on here thinking you was right, you just wanted to be right, not honest. You was never interested in my initial response you refer to it your last reply as "cumbersome and not worth committing a response to paper." So don't try to palm any of that off as being "gracious" Caltex. It wasn't, it was rude, unnecessary and dishonest.
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Absolutely! Because the Bible teaches that God created humans for a purpose beyond simply breeding. The last part of Revelation 4:11 said: “Because of your will  they [all created things] existed and were created.” We did not will ourselves into existence. We exist because of God’s will. 

For this reason, life lived solely for self-interest is empty and meaningless. To find inner peace, joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment, we need to learn what God’s will is and then bring our life into harmony with it. Only then will we find the purpose of our creation and existence. (Psalm 40:8)

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Ty Hibb
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Thank you so much for taking the time to include what the bible has to say on the matter. That always means more than a person's opinion. Thanks again
AnnNettie Paradise
Yes. I always try to make the bible the final authority on all spiritual matters. Thanks always for your words of encouragement as well. :)

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