I'm a Catholic and my husband's an athiest. What can I do to open up his mind and heart to Jesus?


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Don't try to convert him. I know you say you are opening up his mind, but your end goal is to convert him and that's wrong. You should really have discussed this before you got married and agreed that you would respect each other's beliefs. If you bring this up it could lead to arguments and honestly, in the worst case, it could break up your marriage. Is it really worth it? And if it means so much to you that your husband has the same beliefs as you, why didn't you marry someone with the same beliefs as you?

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You see, there was a saying about this - Treat your religion like you would treat your peepee - don't flaunt it in public and don't shove it down your children's throats.

And I agree with it. :) You see, I believe religion should either be practiced in the specified places for it, like churches, or be considered a personal experience. There are so many religions out there and most of them have millions, if not billions of followers! It's counter-productive thinking your religion is the only "true" one. Etcetera.

As for your husband - I'd suggest not doing anything. :) If he has not chosen a religion yet, then he either does not need it, or is not ready for it. Both cases are perfectly fine.

I, too, am an atheist, simply because I don't have the need of knowing somebody is always watching over me, or reading rules on how to be a good person every Sunday. I'm a good person without that stuff.

Cheers, hope this answer was useful!

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The best way to show someone what you believe is to live it. People don't listen to words anymore but, instead, look to actions. All you can do is live what you believe and pray. Leave the rest up to God. Best of luck to you!

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Pray and be an example. He may or may not open up to religion but it will keep the peace.

Only my opinion but the number one enemy of "marriage" is money, number 2 is opposing politics, number 3 is belief in God lack there of.

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I am a Catholic.  I was baptized as an infant, and I went to a Catholic college where the required courses in theology and philosophy became a lifelong interest.  My wife converted shortly after we married, but it was something she had been intending to do well before we married.

I mentioned that I am married, because, while I am not in your situation, I do have some knowledge of what it takes to have a successful marriage in its many dimensions, and I also have some specifically Catholic "takes" on marriage as a Catholic sacrament.

First, relax---your primary job is to be a wife, and conversion, if and when it happens, is not your responsibility.  God gave you to him and him to you to help you both grown in His love and as human beings who fulfill their vocations in time.

God gives everyone the opportunity to come to know Him on His own schedule and in His own way---and  I try to leave things in His hands.

You may or may not be the chief instrument God uses to reveal Himself to your husband.

And even if in retrospect (on earth or in Heaven) it turns out that you were in fact the chief cause and means of that revelation, it will still not have been your responsibility.

Be at peace; best of luck.

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If its in God's will, he will turn to Christ one day. Just let it be and see what happens. You can't do anything unless God persuades his heart.

As Christ said "No man can come to me, unless my Father who sent me, draws him, and I will raise them up in the last day"

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1 Peter 3:1 says "In the same way, you wives, be in subjection to your husbands, so that if any are not obedient to the word, they may be won without a word through the conduct of their wives"

Live what you preach and let your conduct do the talking. Let him decide how, who, when, or what he worships.

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