How do kids believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy when they are little? I never did and never understood why the other kids did.


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Ohh no! You mean there is no tooth fairy? I'm a bit short of ready cash, so I've just extracted all my teeth and left them under the pillow.

Was that all for nothing?

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Because little kids do not believe their parents would ever lie to them.

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We have a birthday fairy too. Even if none of their friends ever heard of it thet enjoy being special. When they get older we just tell them when they say they don't believe (or tell the the youngers it isn't true) they stop getting those extra gifts.
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Some parents are better at "selling" an idea then yours were.

Most children choose to believe what their parents indoctrinate them to believe . . . Based on Trust, Love, and Acceptance.

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The Bible says: "Now that you have put away falsehood, speak truth each one of you with his neighbor." Our closest neighbors are our family members.  Ephesians 4:25. The Bible also says we should "love truth' "speaking the truth in our hearts" Zechariah 8:19; Psalms 15:2 telling children that Santa is the bearer of presents at Christmas may seem to be innocent fun,but is it right or wise to deceive little children, even if ones' intentions are not bad?  Do you not find it ironic that an occasion that is supposedly meant to honor Jesus becomes a time to deceive children?

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What a hateful answer. In every way.
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No it is not hateful it is the truth, I understand that some people prefer not knowing the truth that is there choice.
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Because of the reward system. Children were told that if they put their baby tooth somewhere, then they would be rewarded by the tooth fairy. This is supposed to help children grow and help them accept the processes that occur while growing. They're also told that if they are good during the year, then Santa will bring them presents.

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