Why do I tend to see and feel things that others can't? Why is it so hard to make people believe what you and see, hear and feel?


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Nov Noveltman answered

Depends on what you see, hear and feel. If you see a face in the mountainside, but you can't quite get anyone else to see it, that's perfectly alright. Hear a ticking noise, or a whine -- but they just might be too quiet for others to hear? Great. If you feel it's a little too warm while others wear sweaters? Personal preference.

But if you see God, and hear God speaking to you, and feel God's presence encouraging you to petition the government to adopt the Ten Commandments as the new Bill of Rights?

Now you might want to see a psychiatrist.

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Some people are able to sense/see things that others can't, some people are telepathic.  There are forms of energy if you want to put it that way that some people are sensitive to but others can't sense.

Don't let it scare you just open your mind to it.

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