Has anyone had precognitive dreams?


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All the time

it always happens i only realize it after the dreams come true though

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SuperFly Original
Well for me it was someone literally waking up from the dream to tell me what happened. BUT the dream was someone in an ambulance and me trying to get it somewhere. So, it was vague in the sense that it was over already.
K. B.  Baldwin
K. B. Baldwin commented
Did have a dream about walking up a roadway, with huge stacks and piles of paper on both sides of the road. Soon after got a job as a file clerk at the end of a roadway that looked exactly like the dream roadway.
SuperFly Original
Well someone who is not particularly superstitious would call that coincidence! -- Regardless, it is pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing that.
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It's not surprising.

Dreams are your subconscious processing data ... And your subconscious absorbs a lot more information than your conscious mind.

So it's simply a matter of your subconscious picking up patterns around you, and putting them together ... Like a puzzle ... To predict possible outcomes, based on past outcomes of similar patterns.

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