What do you think about crop circles? is it man made or Alien made?


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Taylor Brookes Profile
Taylor Brookes answered

Why would aliens, with the technology to travel through space and land on another planet, mess around putting geometric patterns in our fields?

Its definitely just people having a joke.

crow robot Profile
crow robot answered

People dp it in fron of cameras but the conspiracy folks refuse to believe it. Most are college students with math or art experience

Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

People with boring lives make the crop circles.

Bikergirl Anonymous Profile

It's not aliens ..it's technology.  Even farming equipment has evolved into highly technical contraptions .. That can create these elaborate designs with GPS co-ordiates. 

Pffttt ... there's probably an 'app' for that.

Sharron Prestcott Profile

I've seen some of those elaborate crop circles and I don't know how somebody could do that so precisely when it's only really visible from a height.

I think some of them are pranks but that doesn't explain the perfectly formed ones that are without any flaws.  Why should we think we're the only ones in the universe? Surely there is some other life form out there somewhere.

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