What is the best thing Islam (any random Muslim counts) has ever done in your opinion?


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During the "Dark Ages" ... When the Christian Church was trying to destroy or limit all scientific knowledge, and persecuting those with different religious beliefs ... The Islamic nations were bastions of learning and tolerance.  They maintained at least 1 of the "Great Libraries", until it was destroyed during the Crusades (by Christian forces).

Without the knowledge maintained by Islamic nations ... The Renaissance in Europe would not have been possible, when it happened.  We would be hundreds of years behind our current level of technology.

Of course, without the interference of Christianity - we would be hundreds (or thousands) of years ahead of our current level of technology.

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RIK RZ commented
It is a fact we have to learn here in this country, about why people chose to follow Islam during those times,
Because Islam Emphasized learning
Islam emphasized local culture
Islamic army was strong and fearless( a crucial test paper essay type question)
Walt O'Reagun
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And an irony is that the modern radical Muslims claim they want to return to the "glory days" of Islam 1500 years ago.

So they are using violence and oppression to return to the days of tolerance and learning. LOL
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The best were during the rule of the Khulafa al Raashidhoon. ( the first four caliphs)
Radical Muslims would have been executed or educated.
( I dont know)
Even prisoners are taken care of with utmost care and treated with luxury, I don't think Radical Muslims do this. ( Between the times I was 7 and 10 years old I was a radical Muslim, i feel bad about it now because all I could think of doing to non- Muslims was all the things Islam is against )
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Algebra is from Islam, so is most of our understanding of Astronomy. Until this idiot name Al Jazali, Islam was a great learning religion, it has since then delved into a dark era, something I hope it pulls it's self out of. 1.2 billion people that are as intelligent as anyone else devoting everything to just worship to a God and not doing anything to advance the human experience is just wrong.

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RIK RZ commented
Muslims persecute women who go to school?
We execute people who became Muslim and then become non-Muslim for reasons like to have sex whenever they want and to drink alcohol
Charles Davis
Charles Davis commented
Not all do, but it happens, very frequently. Heck women in Arabia can't even drive a car. I guess you didn't hear about the girl that got a Nobel Peace Prize for standing up against the Islamic groups not allowing girls to go to school.
Also they execute anyone who critiques Islam, the Quran, or Muhammad. They went MAD when a Dutch newspaper printed a cartoon with an image of Mohammad in it ( they even put out a warrant for the cartoonist's murder). The Quran is a book, Mohammad was a man, and Islam is a religion that can be critiqued as any other religion. Perhaps you think it's madness (as it is), but that does not make it not true.
RIK RZ commented
I am deeply disrespected by this man drawing Mohammad but I am even more ashamed by these people who forget the Muslim roots.
It is a shame to all Muslims to have such type of Muslims.

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