So I may seem crazy but please, I need answers. I am a 16 year-old girl, my mom tells me about how we come from witches and warlocks and that phycic stuff. Is this "Psychic" stuff real?


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Phycic, or psychic, abilities are nonexistent. There are people that practice witchcraft but they have absolutely no powers. Just relax, I'm sure that your mother means no harm.

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Some people do follow magickal or psychic paths and they often believe in pagan or druid religions. Just like any other religion, they might want to pass their beliefs on to their children, as their parents did to them. So by saying that you come from a line of witches is, for your mother, essentially the same as saying you come from a long line of Buddhists or Muslims or Christians or Jews or any other religion.

Whether you believe it or not is entirely up to you and, as with any other religion, you should only follow it if it feels right to you. Hope this helps :)

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LIFE is real enjoy it.

Don't be afraid  of your self.

Where do you think wisdom comes from?

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