If we're in 2015 would that make God 2015 years old?


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You are thinking about Jesus (GOD in the flesh).  GOD has ALWAYS been

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SuperFly Original
I have not been around long enough to know and I havent met anyone who has!
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@Well, yes, I can point out a flaw in the logic.

You have a word "God" that has an ambiguous meaning in one term of your syllogism.

So it's invalid.
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More than just a "try."

If you don't have the same extension and comprehension for the term in the syllogism, it is invalid.
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No not at all the bible states that God had no beginning and will never have an end, he has always existed so it would be impossible to say how old he is.  Revelation 1:8

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It is not a problem for those who want to "worship the father in spirit and truth for indeed the Father is looking for ones like these to worship him. God is a Spirit, and those worshipping him must worship with spirit and truth." John 4:23,24 . It will be a problem for those who have been taught falsely and are not concern with the truth.
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Where are the scriptures that shows Jesus never said he was not sent as a sacrafice for our sins.
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Matthew 20: 25-28 Jesus gave life as a ransome in exchange for many.
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No. The common era calendar year has nothing to do with the age of the Abrahamic God, who various scriptures claim is eternal. 

Gods were revered by man for many millennia before we kept any calendars. 

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"Gods were revered by man for many millennia before we kept any calendars. " - excellent point.
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Your point is good, Ice. I'd only say that the question didn't specify Jesus, only God; who is described in many passages that predate Jesus.
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Well, technically, He would be that old; but I think He is much older.

But of course it's hard to accuratelly put a label on "forever."

I'm 70, but it is also technically correct to say that I am also 25, 30, 69, etc.

The devil is in the details.

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I don't want to get mixed up in any debates but want to answer your question. Yes I am a Christian. Yes I know everyone thinks it's impossible for someone to have lived forever. God has always been. He existed when there was no earth and will still exist when it is destroyed. Although off a few years the calender was reset about the time Christ was born because He brought new life. God does not have age, in fact God doesn't even live in a spectrum of time.

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The plain answer is no.

2015 only represents the amount of years that have passed, plus or minus a century, since the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Which makes no sense, seeing how even Christians believe that the universe was created by G-d. And if the world itself is older than 2016 years old, then so must be its creator.
Soul Fly
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I will have to draw the line here, as the more we discuss this further, the larger the debate will be. I respect your opinion and wish you well in your path.
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Nope ...

According to the Hebrew calendar, this is year 5776.

According to the Chinese calendar, this is year 4713.

According to the Mayan calendar, today (Dec 29, 2015) is the Long Count Date of

13 baktun
13 X 144,000 days = 1,872,000 days

0 katun
0 X 7,200 days = 0 days

3 tun
3 X 360 days = 1,080 days

1 uinal
1 X 20 days = 20 days

3 k'in
3 X 1 day = 3 days

(if you divide the total day count by 365 ... this would be year 5131)

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The calendar we use today is the Gregorian calendar and it is based on the calendar that Julius Ceasar started. It was also started around the time of Jesus, not God. God goes back to the begining of time, before there were calendars.

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No. Jesus is of God, not actually God. Here is an analogy to put it in very basic terms. You have a huge ball of Play-Doh. You take a piece off of it and make a person from it. That person is part of the Play-Doh, but not all of it. Jesus came from God and was a part of God, but was not all of God.

Besides, God spoke to Mary before she became pregnant to tell what was to come. He also spoke with Moses who lived over 1600 years before the birth of Jesus. Also the calendar more represents when Jesus died and not when he was born. It is closer to say Chrstianity is 2015 years old.
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The "Concept" of God is that IT is eternal . . . So, always has been.

Now the "Concept" of the Son of God visiting earth . . Well that's different. According tot he Bible you could get an amount of time to gauge THAT part, but since the Son is in actuality ALSO the Father . . . We are back to that pesky concept of "Eternal" once again/

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"2- How can there be choice if man is "enslaved forever TO God . . locked into eternal worship . . ." [not that I see how you arrived at that conclusion]" -
Exactly. It would lend itself to Predestination. God created the scenario He saw man already engage with and CHOOSE. Do not confuse this with God seeing what man MIGHT CHOOSE. Omniscience knows all . . including the outcome of every choice . . . there is no REAL choice between chocolate and vanilla if I already KNOW Absolutely, that you will choose vanilla.
Darik Majoren
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"3- Did man really "Fall in the garden" in the sense of doing wrong? How can anyone say that he had done "wrong" if he did not yet know what "wrong" or "right" was? " -
Enter the alternative that this is seen to be chosen prior to man's existence.
If God is Omniscient (stated several places in the Bible), then What He sees will come to pass. He is the very orchestrator of the very scenarios we would find ourselves in. Isaiah 45:7 God is the creator of evil . . . the choice of wrong offered to a world of only right. The medium for Evil on earth cannot be God, so enter Lucifer, whom by Omniscience would be created to offer "wrong". Set the stage . . . "Lucifer" is cast out of heaven for trying to be like God (Funny how the todays church doctrine wants us to be like Christ) . . . God creates man and tells him NOT to eat of the tree of Good and Evil.
Why create the tree at all? If man is to fail as foreseen, the tree and Lucifer would be the mechanism or CHOICE man is destined to follow. The concept is clear, and what might really bug you is that once you realize the concept, you understand God is a slave to His own Omniscience, which negates Omnipotence . . .
Darik Majoren
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I hear you but God would forfeit the label of "Perfect" if He was merely a reactionary God.
I ask one theist, If God had a plan for one man on earth could you successfully murder this man? True Free Will says "Yes" you CAN murder this man, but then you cause God to be reactionary of He truly had a plan for this man here on earth. Consider what choice and Omniscience actually means . . .
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The dilemma that you are having comes from belief that Jesus is God and that he had no pre human existence. The truth is that the creator had no beginning and that Jesus was the first of his creation. (Col 1:13-15)

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