Is it alright for someone to be obsessed with God?


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No! Being obsessed with anything is bad, especially because some people will disagree with you very strongly so this is likely to cause more arguments than its worth, especially since no one is right (until we can prove that there are or arent deities). Its fine for your religion to be a part of your life but obsession is never okay.

Also, I'm fairly certain you (or possibly someone else, but i have a feeling it was you) has asked this a few times before.

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Not good. Obsession denotes a fixation to the exclusion of all else. Too much of anything is bad; the world is too broad and intricate, and life is far too short to limit one's experiences to just a single topic or impulse. We owe ourselves more. 

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Let's give examples of obsessions with God: ISIS, Taliban, and the inquisition, just to name a few. I hope that answers your question.

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To be "Obsessed' with Anything is psychologically unhealthy.

Obsession with a "thing" that is not there and can be equated with "Telling" or "Making" you do things is especially dangerous . . .

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And what if one is obsessed with a thing that is actually there not really being there?
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Excellent Point Thomas! Much love to you my friend.

Although this is not the "Best" example, I have shared that when my father was ill he had episodes where his tumor would cause severe swelling in his brain. This caused hallucinations. One time he was "Obsessed" with a little man sitting on the corner of his hospital bead (on the hand rail to be exact), and he was upset that this little man kept calling his name over and over, and that I couldn't get the little man to stop.
I suppose in this sense, TO HIM, there really was a little man taunting him . . . to me and the attending physician, it meant prescribing a mild sedative and something to reduce the swelling in his brain . . .
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No, by definition:

Obsession---the state in which a person’s mind is completely filled with thoughts of one particular thing or person in a way that is not normal

But I think such a technicality probably doesn't really answer your question.

Rephrase and re-ask if youwant.

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