Everyone Loves Chocolate! Does eating lots of it increase anything on your body ;)?


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PJ Stein answered

Reading this question reminded me I have some chocolate covered caramel in the pantry. And eating lots will increase your whole body. 

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Matt Radiance answered

Usually lots of everything is bad so probably eating lots of chocolate would increase the chance of a stomach acne, higher sugar rate (even if you choose the very black and dark chocolates with none sugar rates) , it would increase the chance of tooth acne and the harm to the teeth and a hard work of using brushes and dental flosses and mouth washers to wash away every piece of chocolate out of your mouth to avoid infections and pains. Increasing the chances of fat gathering around the stomach and thighs/hips, increasing the chance of lowering the appetite and bothering the nutrition routine, increasing the chances of nutritional poisoning and so much more!

Everyone loves chocolate but its one of those things that everyone must be careful about the usage even just regardless of allergies, limitation due a particular body metabolism ect . . .

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Yup! My muffin top! And I hate that phrase! :P

Thankfully, I've been watching my weight up to this holiday, so I will be able to indulge in a box of chocolates, should my bf so choose to buy me one. :) Or even if he doesn't!

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Serena Claire answered

I used to love it. But it makes me fat, So I don't eat it anymore.

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