What's an insult to your intelligence?


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My ex-wife !

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Political 'promises'.

But what I find even more commical are TV Commercials .. especially makeup commercials that use completely bogus visuals (For example: a mascara commercial that uses a model wearing very thick luxurious FAKE eyelashes claiming that their product has created the 'look') or photo brushing a model facial photo who's skin appears flawless  .. or wrinkle cream commercials who use models in their early 20's that HAVE NO wrinkles! .. or diet pills that use a before and after photo .. that is so obviously posed in one with the models tummy bloated out to appear fatter as the 'before' photo .. and then the same model with the belly 'sucked in' to appear thinner in the 'after' photo.  Clearly showing the same clothing, room and even shaddows ..if not even more obviously using photo brushing. .. need I go on??

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Online stalker-bullies and the Know-It-Alls, annoying and like 💩 on your shoes. Just a bunch of worthless, condescending, pathetic and donkey's butt jerks 😫.

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Dark Majinn, its you and I have reported you several times and until now you have left me alone. I've always asked you to be civil and we can agree to disagree. Let's j just move on. Have a good day 🍫
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Reported me? That must have been an interesting conversation. Pray tell, which thread regarding my response did you feel needed reporting on? Might as well air out the issues . . .
I've been nothing but forthright with this community . . . no secrets here . . only differences of perspectives . .
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Hi Tiger. I'm well and very very happy today. Let's share on another question. I'm finished with this one. Thanks
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U.S. politics.

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Service managers at car dealerships none of them turned a wrench in their life

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The lot of them will not pass the 'O' level Exams

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I find it very insulting to my intelligence when I hear people say that I'm good at what I do or seen as good at what I do because I'm white. Like, no, I've had difficulties from the day I first started, and I've had to work myself to get to where I'm at.

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I have a real difficult time with people that whine a lot and act like life has dealt ONLY THEM hard blows in life. Just get busy and fix it best you can and quit complaining. It's okay to get discouraged once in a while because we all do, but some people have a "whoa is me" attitude that keeps them stuck forever.

My sister was this way and it would just wear me out.

The most interesting people I have met have had horrible tragedies they are trying to work with, yet they still continue to be kind and help others best they can by simply being nice.

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The people who keep screaming about "taking their country back".  Apparently they don't realize that the country belongs to all of us, and that a majority of uds (who bothered to vote) twice voted the black guy into office. 

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