Can anyone tell me what mass (catholic) is? I've also heard something about how they have confessions or something, any information on that?


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Cookie Roma answered

Mass and confession are 2 different things on a day, not Sunday, one goes to confession.  They go into the confessional (booth where one sits, a screened opening , on the other side sits a priest. You confess your "sins" and he give you a penance (prayers to say). You leave the confessional, go to a church pue, say those prayers.  Then you are finished till the next time.  Mass is a Catholic Church service. 

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Cookie is right, Mass is one of the acts of worship, as in the protestant view "going to church". Confession is another act of worship. By going to a priest and confessing the actions you have taken (and I refuse to say sins) in you life since you were there the last time. Two different actions.

I need to add, there are many more parts of worship in the Catholic church then just these 2 forms.

OHHHH. I forgot to mention, you'll burn in hell for being anonymous, for no reason.

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