What prevents you from doing what you really want to do?


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Money    i want to have a no kill animal shelter

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That's all my fault and no one else's.

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otis campbell
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Pick your head up if your young you can go to college and move on with your life never give up. Dont blame your past we all make mistakes their are people that will hire u. Just get your act together
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Sometimes my morality, sometimes my age, and sometimes the law.

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I could say:

"The ingrained need for survival via subjective morality and an understanding and acceptance of objective ethical societal guidelines."

But this would be a more broad answer and not just one for me . . . So I will go with "what I Really Want to do . . " as a career choice or pass time  . . . Then it is financial resources.

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Nothing. I'm a big kid and the world is my candy store.

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Here you go my friend . . some really great finds here - http://www.oldtimecandy.com/
Don Barzini
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Thanks for the link, Dark. The kind of "candy" I alluded to is that which involves great scenery, not diabetes. :)
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Got to go with The Z on this one.

And fortunately, I apparently have no deep seated anti-social desires that I am unaware of (or aware of, for that matter.)

And after the normal flights of fancy as a teenager, I have no desire to be a superhero, so I have always been comfortable with my particular limitations

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Like most people, I have a bunch of background fears that operate at an unconscious level. Those prevent me from doing the things I desire the most. If something is really important to you, it's normal that it triggers some kind of fear  of failure. Once you have a plan B in your head, things usually become less stressful.

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Sin prevents me from doing what I want to do, which is stay young and healthy and liver forever. Romans 5:12

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