i want to move to a Buddhist ashram or monastery for a month and maybe more that is open to having english speaking foreigners. i don't want to have to shave my head. do you know of one that would accept me :D?


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You can practice awareness (self observation) anywhere, you don't have to go to a monastery, in fact the more you mix with others the more you will learn about "the self."

If you want to escape there are plenty of Friaries. They may be Catholic but they will not mind, they use Rosary beads you use Mala beads, tomato, tomatoe. The Catholic church is universal incorporating most religious practices.

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First of all Buddhist don't shave their heads or you will see bald people everywhere in China. You can convert into a Buddhist whenever you want, you just have to go through a ritual of cleansing yourself with incense. Hope this was helpful!

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