It is often said that "If you get a job doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life". What particular ACTUAL job would this be for you?


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Taste testing. They don't make much, but it still seems like a good job.

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For me, it was the job that I retired from: Building contractor. Every day was something different and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Another job that fits the description and my likes would be a body makeup artist at the Playboy mansion.

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I absolutely love fossil hunting and my favorite is looking though rocks for fossils. I have found several heads that are small and fossilized ---looks like baby dinosaur heads---has the teeth going all around the bottom of the jaw and eye sockets and everything  and a place  where the spine went . My children  think I am crazy when I do this 😀😬😬😬😬😀😀but it relaxes me very much to look for fossils.

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Ancient Hippy
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Awesome!!! I'll go with you.
Cindy  Lou
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@H-Dude...I have a friend who owns a huge rock company here in Tulsa-he even furnishes the rock for the outside of many movie stars homes in LA., they ship the rock there. He has all types of rocks her sells and finds fossils every day. We will dig through all of those rocks. There are treasures in there !
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I could do that for hours. Sounds like a ton of fun. When I was a kid, my dad always used to yell at me for walking with my head down in the woods and fields. I was always looking for interesting rocks.
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Working for something that breaks even every month, no profit. So, I'd work with flowers. Either gardening or a florist. A little restaurant. Simple fare. But made with the best ingredients that are bought locally or grown out back. I'd like to live above either store. My garden flowers or arrangements would always be sent to hospitals, and anyone needing a meal could get one for free. If you have a little extra money, when you come by, pay for a meal for someone else. This would give me great joy.

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Darik Majoren
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Those BOTH sound nice.
I love to cook, and I love freshest ingredients to use . . .
dragonfly forty-six
I'd have a full garden out back. The menu would depend on what I could get for the day. Nothing frozen, everything fresh. I wouldn't even have a freezer on the premises. Unless it was to store ice cream. :)
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One of the ones I have now ! Beta-testing PC games for Slitherine/Matrix games. I love testing those games and helping the developers with bugs or problems in gameplay! Great job and lot's of fun !

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