What is the "third eye"? Is this it? I'll close my eyes and just focus on the darkness, I'll shortly then get a tingly feeling in the center between my eyebrows.


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In Hinduism, the third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms or higher consciousness, or a raised state of enlightenment.

In other philosophies, it is also associated with clairvoyance, divine or spiritual communications and visions, or ability to perceive or "see" otherwise undetectable supernatural phenomena.

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So let me try to give you some examples of being "Aware" . . . You have senses. Touch taste, smell, sight and hearing.

Your environment is constantly bombarding you with a value to pretty much everyone of those at the same time . . . When you meditate . . You become "Hyper aware" based on the fact you are learning to quiet your thoughts, so you are more receptive to those thing constantly bombarding your senses . . . You can focus.

When you see those Martial arts movies where they blindfold a fighter until he learns to defend himself without seeing, he is feeling the air move across the hairs on his skin, the room temperature change along with focused hearing and even smell . . .

Many people who can meditate and become hyper aware talk about tingling . . . It is physiological and NOT metaphysical . . .

I can personally smell and taste ozone in the air hours before it will start to snow . . . It's just being aware.

Tingling just means it's working -

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