what came first? the chicken or the egg?


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The chicken.  Because when someone always asks the question, they say 'chicken' first.  Now, if they said, 'what came first, the egg or the chicken,' then the egg would come first.

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I know the answer to this question !!! A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is leaning against the headboard , smoking a ciggatette with a satisfied grin on his face. The egg looking a bit ticked off , grabs  the sheets rolls  over and says " well I guess we answered THAT question" 

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Some interesting answers to an interesting question.

"which came first, the chicken or (just any old) egg?  This                    question is answered “the egg” because species that lay eggs have been around a lot longer than modern chickens. For example, we have plenty of fossil evidence that dinosaurs laid eggs from which baby dinosaurs hatched, and dinosaurs predate chickens by millions of years. ndeed, a growing body of research indicates that dinosaurs were among the biological ancestors of chickens! "

Now, more on this can be found at http://www.megafoundation.org/CTMU/Articles/Which.html

Which goes into more detail considering the following:

1. Which came first, the chicken or (just any old) egg?                                         

2a. Which came first, the chicken or an egg laid by a chicken?                                         

2b. Which came first, the chicken or an egg containing a chicken?                                         

2c. Which came first: The chicken, or an egg laid by and                    containing a chicken? 

Here is an interesting article regarding the evolution of the bird:

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The Rooster.

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