Standing at the gates of heaven, and God asks you “Why should I let you in?” What do you reply?


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I been thrue hell with addiction to drugs and alcohol but right now i have 17years sober and i need to see my mother

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Barb Cala
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You should be in ... very deserving!
Pravin Kale
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god knows everything then why should he ask ? he only brought me at the gates of heaven if i will tell him some reason will he allow me to enter the heaven ?
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My reply would be nothing. I never speak to to my imagination, or anyone's delusions. 

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I'll just act like my cats.

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I think you know the rules better than I do.  All I can do is say I've tried my best ... I just hope it's been good enough.

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Well,,,,,, I would question him/her

And ask to see nugget ..

If that's not possible.

I don't want in , if " God "

Cant reunite me with him

He doesn't exist.

I have no fear there . He can't ,

Because , there is no God

No heaven no hell,

Except hell here on earth .

It's funny how you can kill , rape ,

Comite atrocities but the one "

Sin" he/she won't forgive-

Is lack of belief the " God exists

That's convenient, wouldn't you say.

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Darik Majoren
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"No, first of all you are quoting "some" scholars (and as a so called logician, you should know better than to commit such a syllogistic error)." - Yes . . I grabbed the Scholars literal interpretation that are both theistic, and Specialists in these Greek texts . . . And logic follows this very easily . . . your "issues" with this only shows your departure from Logic, or at the very least a skewed view of logic via your own world view . . . after all, you still believe in Demons possessing Pigs, Water into Wine . . . etc..
Sheldon  Cooper
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I don't believe in any of that ,
I do believe in science though.
Darik Majoren
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I agree with you, I am only framing the "Common" response to literal Old Testament claims . . . . especially when it comes to the "Creation" of our world and claims of a "World Wide" flood . . .
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I hold the likeliness of this up on the same level as me having to explain
myself to the multitudes of OTHER "God/Goddess" based religions both
currently in place and those that have fallen into obscurity.

To frame a fictional interaction with God that I was raised to know about,
it might go something like this.

Me: So this is Heaven? . . . Weird, thought it was just as made up as the
other myths.

God: So . . . want to go in?

Me: I'm thinking about it . . . but you already are supposed to know that.
So let me get this straight . . . you're going to let me in?

God: I didn't say that. I asked if you wanted to go in.

Me: Would you?

God: Why Should I?

Me: Why? What are the requirements?

God: You must believe in me.

Me: Hold up . . . you are literally RIGHT THERE. I can see you. Do something

God: Like what . . . oh wait . . how about this [Creates small planet with
tiny creatures suddenly springing to life floating in front of you].

Me: Nice! So, you coulld have revealed yourself, and instead spoke through
idiot primitive men so vaguley that no one really got your message 100%
correct, and you are willing to let ANYONE in if only they believe in you?

God: [God crushes planet with His hand destroying it and the creatures on
it] - Yeah, thats about it.

Me: So you let murders, child molesters, serial killers . . those whom
slaughtered people by the thousands just because of their race, and if they
only profess to know you they can enter into heaven?

God: Yeah, that about sums it up.

Me: Nah, I’m good . . . you can keep you heaven. Hey, why’d you destroy that
planet so easily with all that life on it?

God: Because it served my purpose . . .

Me: Thought so.

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
@Dark Majinn

No, I am commenting on what I see you to be, not what you would like us to think you are.

----Sort of like the Wizard of OZ without the original character's redeeming qualities.

The context of my discussions with you stress the general misunderstandings you have about the nature of Catholicism, Scripture, and Logic and Rationality---and now apparently, atheism.

How ironic that the gods in whom neither of us believe are are first making you mad because (even) they would destroy you

But, you are confusing me---you say you are an atheist, but you seem now to be seeking shelter in Agnosticism.

You're degrading like the terminator in the molten steel. (Terminator 2, Judgment Day)
Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
"How ironic that the gods in whom neither of us believe are are first making you mad because (even) they would destroy you" - Close . . . Substitute "Ironic" for "Moronic", since it is a deliberation contrived from a moron's point of view . . one cannot feel anger towards that which is "not" . . . So, "Mad"? . . . I have no idea where in the world you would conclude to such a notion.

I left Agnosticism behind regarding God/Gods simply due to the absurdity of the Claim. It is the same way you would disregard Claims of there being an Earth Goddess to a Wiccan.

Again, my disregard for Catholicism can be added to my disregard to many other religions. Knowing the Bible to which your religions is SUPPOSED to be based off of, gives me a leg up in our discussions, since you, apparently . . do not. Now, all of the other "Baggage" your Pope and Cardinals add to the ceremonial aspects are EASILY disregarded . . . you may keep your pope's decision on "Birth Control" as much as you may keep them all turning their backs on the KNOWN child molesters in their "Flock".
Maybe you're right about one thing . . I do get angry at these types of indoctrinated ignorance that the Catholic church promotes . . .
Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
Also, I noticed you consistently dodge the question regarding Evil in the context YOU presented . . . The Topic: Atheist say - "How can their be a God, there is evil in the world and God is not Evil" . . .

Try using the Bible . . . it might have what you are looking for, for a response . . .

"Pretty soon you'll be saying you are just as smart as me." - We've passed this Thomas . . . regarding this topic the evidence is clear to those whom are able to read . . .
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"Because when I was a kid and going to Sunday School you promised me everlasting life and forgiveness of all my sins. I'm guessing that reneging on promises is probably not terribly godlike."

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