Can you give an example of the "embodiment of stupidity"?


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Examples are legion, perhaps you'll agree:

-Pretty much anything that comes out of Sarah Palin's mouth.

-Anyone who thinks Pat Robertson is right, or sane. 

-ISIS (Or Daesh)

-Foreigners who left their homes to join ISIS.

-North Korea's foreign policy, all of it. 

-Creation science.

-The (late) "Grizzly Man". Rest in pieces.

-Anything to do with Kanye West

-Scientology (defined as stupidity embodied, I think)

-Texting while driving

-Budweiser changing its name to "America". 

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Our customers... Two guys rented a Dodge Challenger today. Not three hours later, we get a call from the police to come and retrieve our vehicle. We show up and... Same Dodge Challenger. The two guys were arrested for using drugs while at McDonalds.

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The Clinton's.

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Donald Trump supporters.

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Yes i was watching the news and a guy broke into a restauraunt to steal the tip jar . It had $20.bux in it they caught him now he is doing five yrs

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From Urban Dictionary.

embodiment of stupidity

1. People who are clueless or without a clue.(blondes, ,)

2. Emo kids

3. People who protest anything ( there's no point)

4. People who want to ban words from the english language

5. Close minded idiots

6. Most of society

the popular people in school are most likely now, the embodiment of stupidity. And suck at life.

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