If you owned a Q&A site where members could post pics, would think it's ok for a member to post pics of little boys in dresses? Would you see this as harmful to your site, or be like...meh...it's just cross dressing?


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Tough question ! Personally? I don't care for any pictures of kids that aren't just family type pictures. Because I'm old, I would more than likely ban those sort of pictures from the site. But things are different nowadays and I don't know if that's a good thing or not. If I saw pics like that here?They would be removed and a strong message sent to the person that posted them. This is a community site and I'm sure there are others where you could post whatever.

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I don't think little boys in dresses in something that anyone on a typical "family friendly" type site would be interested in seeing.  It more might just turn them off since chances are it's more about perversions than cross dressing.  I've been on many Q&A sites and that type of photo wouldn't have been allowed to my knowledge .. And I have been a moderator on a few of those sites.

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Barb Cala
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I don't understand why she would want to encourage that. I can understand her wanting to be impartial .. but the majority of members certainly wouldn't want to see that. Did she get any flack about it from anyone else?
Karen aka Bailey's Mom
I had other members message me about why that was allowed. They wanted them removed and asked me to do something. When I messaged her, she sent me a link about cross dressing. I explained that I understood about that but these were kids and not adults. I told her it it were adults in the pics no one would have a problem with it. The psychologist she called in pretty much said what I was saying and she removed them after that. It's pretty sad that she had to go to that length to see that they were sick and revolting.
Tom  Jackson
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I remember many years ago that there was a teacher who had an affair with an underage teenage boy. (I don't want to use a specific name because I'm not sure which one this comment is associated with.)

At any rate, I think it was was on an episode of SNL that Chevy Chase (again I think) gave the actual name of the teacher accused and then made the quip "she was know by her male students as the greatist teacher in the world."

Healthy people frequently fail to realize how what we think is innocuous beause we would never think to use it otherwise is potentially something that should be avoided at all costs.

It sometimes requires a credentialed person to make the call about some of these things---as has been indicated above by Baileys Mom.
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I wouldn't allow it. If an adult wants to be a cross dresser and post pictures of themselves, that is their decision and I respect that. But I don't agree with doing it to a child. I consider that exploitation. Give the child a chance to make up their own mind.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I would say that children in general should be kept off the internet, especially on a site like this. I'd give a little slack if it were a family photo but from what I've seen, that type of picture is usually tacked onto a political narrative. That usually doesn't end well over the internet, lol.

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Two separate issues. I do not believe children's pictures that are not your own should be posted ever.

As far as children dressing in different types of clothing, I don't consider a small male child dressing in a dress as a "cross dresser". At that age they have no gender bias. A dress is just a dress. I also do not have a problem with little boys playing with dolls and little girls playing with trucks.

I was upset at the thought that someone was posting pictures of other people's children. But I really didn't like your term "cross dressing" for children. That's not appropriate either.

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In the absence of evidence to the contrary, I would categorize such postings as "abusive."

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Karen aka Bailey's Mom
Thank goodness she finally woke up and deleted them. There were a few other things she was allowing that she shouldn't have. I brought those to her attention and she posted a question asking if the other members thought it was offensive. They did and she conceded, common sense should have told her.
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its depends on the context of the picture. If the boy looks like he's posing for a photo shoot while wearing girls outfits.. Obviously it would get removed.

but if its just a family picture of a kid playing dress up with moms clothes. That's a whole different story.

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There once was a photo gallery on Blurtit, where you could post pics. The pictures that WERE posted were innocuous (boring even, hey I even posted some of mine).

I've often wondered what happened to them when the site went through its 37th rewrite and that feature was removed.

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I'll state how this relates to the recent transgender debates:

Transgender is based entirely on feelings.  The person does not feel the "gender identity" they were born as.  Which begs the question: What is a "gender identity"?  It is also based entirely on feelings.  Ask yourself this - how do you define what identifies someone as a male or female, other than genitalia?  Nothing, except artificial "gender role" constructs of society.  In a society that claims there are NO "gender roles", the only definition of male and female is what genitalia someone has.

Following that reasoning - there is no such thing as "male" or "female" clothing, unless it is tailored for specific genitalia.

ALSO - take a look at some old pictures of children.  The boys appear to be wearing "dresses", but that was just the style at the time.  lol

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Karen aka Bailey's Mom
This has nothing to do with that subject. It has to do with whether pics of 6 7 an 8 year old boys in frilly little dresses should be allowed on a 'family' site. I have nothing against transgenders, cross dressers or gay's. My niece is gay and so is my aunt. My nephew is pansexual, that isn't the issue. The issue is these types of pics could have been pedophile bait and had no business being posted on the site.
Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun commented
If that was your only concern - why include the detail that it was a boy in a dress, or even mention cross-dressing? And you again mention it in your response to my answer.

Since YOU mentioned those details in your question, I addressed them in my answer.

After all, "pedophile bait" could be ANY pictures of children. How the child is dressed has little to do with it, to a pedo.
Karen aka Bailey's Mom
Cross dressing is what the owner of the site called it. I called it sick and perverted.
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Years ago, my youngest son (in his curious stage) decided he wanted a glittery one piece girls bathing suit and a long black wig. I've no idea where he might have gotten the image in his head, but he said this is what a "Super Hero" looks like . . . Me and my wife said, "Sure, why not" . . . He ran around the house in this outfit for many a day, with my older son shaking his head saying "Why?" . . . We let our children explore and be curious. I believe this to add self confidence and a mind that is never afraid to question . . . Now having said that, these pictures are private part of our family. I wouldn't publically share them for it only holds meaning for our core family.

When you ascribe "Little boy" to your description, I have a problem with "consent" . . . At this point in time if the boy is still "Little" it should not be posted. Until such time as they are an adult and they are asked for permission . . . . THEN, and only then would it be okay.

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Karen aka Bailey's Mom
I bet that was adorable! My brother used to tie a bath towel around his neck and run around thee house in his superman undies. I don't have any pics, but if I did, they would be used for blackmail purposes only. :) LOL
The pics I'm referring to were posted by the same user. The boys looked to be 6 to maybe 10 years old. They were all different boys too. They were dressed in frilly dresses and lingerie. He would post new ones every day. It appeared to me, to be a fetish, and a sick one at that. These were all staged photos of these kids, not pics of them dressed up for Halloween or something. I kept campaigning for them to come down, especially after other members sent complaints to me about them. She just considered it as cross dressing and said they were protected, until the psychologist told her otherwise. Sheesh!!

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