I am looking for a sample welcome and occasion speech welcoming a new pastor?


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Barb Cala Profile
Barb Cala answered

I wouldn't use a "sample" .. I would write what's in your heart to welcome him and his family.  I'm sure he'll be thrilled with whatever you all come up with.

Danae Hitch Profile
Danae Hitch answered

Sounds pretty simple to me. Just write one up. Hey, Congregation - we have a new Pastor - Pastor Bob. He and his family moved from Pensacola, Florida to lead our flock. He attended seminary school in Kansas City, KS with highest honors. He loves to pray and drink sweet tea - at the same time!  We would appreciate it if you would extend a warm welcome to Pastor Bob and his family.  Everyone bring fried chicken and potato salad to the picnic on Saturday to celebrate our new leader. Y'all come!

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