Do you have a problem with gay people?


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Barb Cala Profile
Barb Cala answered

No .. But I do have a problem with people who think other people might have a problem with them. 

Levi F. Profile
Levi F. answered

Not any more than any other type of people. I am a gay people after all. ;)

SuperFly Original Profile

Nope, one of my good friends was Gay. But I did answer this already.

I dont.

Charles Davis Profile
Charles Davis answered

I have no problem with gays at all. There are times I see that some male gays try to be more feminine and some female gays try to be more masculine than their counterparts. That's about the only time I become uncomfortable around them. But I deal with it and let them be, usually we end up being friends and they relax. I think it's a cultural ideal, maybe they intially think I'm prejudice, I dunno.

Pepper pot Profile
Pepper pot answered

No, gay couples are just normal couples.  What I will say is that I am getting fed up with the gay hosts of TV talk shows making sexual innuendos as much as they do, and coasting by on camp instead of providing us with real entertainment. I don't want to see gay men flirting with gay or straight men, it's just uncomfortable viewing, same as it's uncomfortable viewing when lecherous men and women start flirting with the opposite sex. A little bit of camp has always been in the media I liked old shows like "Are You Being Served, etc, but I'm finding "camp" is now becoming mainstream and entering into "distasteful." I'm sure there are people who are homosexual who feel exactly the same as I do about this matter, and disagree with how the media is misrepresenting them.

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