advantages of people over computers?


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People minds has a huge potential for learning, even in our present imperfect condition. In The Brain Book the author states: “Within our own heads lies one of the most complex systems in the known universe. Its power and versatility far surpass that of any man-made computer." Also what man-made computer can repair itself, rewrite its program, or improve over the years? When a computer system needs to be adjusted, a programmer must write and enter new coded instructions. Our brain does such work automatically, both in the early years of life and in old age. You would not be exaggerating to say that the most advanced computers are very primitive compared to the brain. Scientists have called it “the most complicated structure known” and “the most complex object in the universe.”

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Computer is best for learning purpose. It's best for developing website.

The best use of computer for Data Storage.

You can Watch movies and videos online through internet.

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Both have quite different advantages ... But you can't have computers without people .. Making them, programming them, using them, fixing them, selling them.  I think people will always have the advantage and upper hand in that comparison.

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