What kind of literature do Masons read. They seem to posses the ultimate knowledge synthesis?


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Walt O'Reagun answered

They are individuals ... They read (or watch, or listen to) whatever strikes their individual fancy.

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Tom Jackson answered

I am not a Mason, but I would also claim to have an advanced "knowledge synthesis."

But given that change is the law of us beings who live in time, I would not claim mine to be the ultimate synthesis, nor would I attach such an appellation to theirs.

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Pepper pot answered

I've only sat and flicked through their "History of Freemasonry" whilst sitting in an antique shop. If a Mason dies their literature is meant to go back to the Lodges. I think they have a Masonic Bible but I haven't come across it in any charity shops etc. The only famous Masons that I have heard of who have written books are Albert Pike and Manly P Hall. I know a few men who are Freemasons, but most Masons at low levels are kept in the dark as to any secret knowledge they may have.

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Didge Doo answered

I can only speak for those I know, but Mr and Mrs Mason, who live next door to me, read detective stories, thrillers, and even a little *ahem* urban fantasy.

(Mrs Mason told me they've stopped buying books now and predfer eBooks. They take less space.)

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