Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and left without paying?


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Nina Varganov answered

NO and if I ever did I'd come right back once I realized it and leave an extra tip!

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Roy Roy,

Yes I did...once...sort of...

It was in the French Quarter of New Orleans and I was there for a seminar. I ate alone, contemplating the seminar information and the speakers, then in embarrassment went to the manager and explained I had forgotten to bring any money, but would go to my hotel room and return immediately.

The manager said, "Don't ever come back here again!"

I was shaken and upset. Even when I did return with the money, the manager took it grumpily and did not even smile much less apologize.

* * *

I finally realized my story of forgotten money was probably a way that people would get free meals. It was 1974, but the experience stands out enough that I can still remember exactly what I was wearing then!

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Dozy I am now wondering after this conversation if you are secretly a bit shy? You are certainly a fascinating friend, a joy to know...
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
I don't think so, Virginia, although I was a very shy teen.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Well then you at least do know what it is like, so glad you grew out of it...
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Jann Nikka answered

When I was 15-20 a thugette. As most of you know I have a bad upbringing 😝. It really hurt my heart at the things I was taught as a CHILD and teen.

I'm thankful when I became a legal adult at 21. I closed that bookπŸ“’ and burnedπŸ”₯ it, with its

 "Street-Player-Game-Mentality ".

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Ancient Hippy answered

Yes, through an unfortunate incident. We were eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant and just about finished our meal when we heard what sounded like an explosion. The whole building shook and scared the crap out of us. All the cooks came running out of the kitchen and told everyone to rush out of the restaurant. Right next to our restaurant, in the same building, was a Chinese buffet and a pickup truck jumped the curb and smashed through the front of the buffet. The truck plowed right through the restaurant all the way to the back. There were bloodied and severely injured people laying all over the place. We weren't allowed to go back into the Mexican restaurant until it was deemed safe, which was a couple of days later.

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PJ Stein answered

No. I won't even leave without tipping. One time I was out and the service as so bad my friends left no tip. I left a dime. I wanted them to know I didn't forget.

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Didge Doo answered

Only once. I was talking to somebody and completely forgot to pay. I went back next morning and explained what I'd done. Unlike Virginia's experience they were polite and thanked me.

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Darik Majoren answered

Yes and No  . . .

When I was 17 I was having an ice cream at a Friendly's with my best friend. I told him I needed to use the bathroom and he said he'd get the bill and meet me outside. I walked out of the restaurant (Which was located in a mall) and caught up with him, after a few minutes of walking . . . He started giggling. Then he told me he didn't pay because he didn't have his wallet . . . I said, "Not Cool dude." . . . And I told him I'd meet up with him later . . . I went back to the waitress and apologized telling her that we each thought the other would pay, and I gave her money and a big tip. I mean, she was really cute too . . . Still no phone number though . . .

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Nope. Although often someone else covers the bill ;)

One time I didn't tip because the waiter was rude, but I've never dined and dashed.

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