Do ther dreams mean something? There's a girl on social media who stalks me yes I've blocked her numerous times. I don't want to sound like I'm over reacting but I always dream of her showing up at my house.


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Dreams are just your subconscious trying to deal with what is going on in your life. So if someone is causing you trouble in your awake hours, it is not uncommon for you to dream about them. As for you dreaming of her showing up at your house, it is most likely just a metaphor for her showing up online in your life. It does not mean she will actually show up there.

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Dance like a gypsy
She most likely won't and I'm not going to panic and say she will but she seems like the type to do so.
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If she threatens you in any way document it and anything she does and report her to the cops.
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It is just a fear. Don't read into your dreams too much.

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You have a real concern about that happening, but it's a issue that you can't really resolve because you have no practical way of preventing that.

That's a situation where the subconscious mind processes that information in dreams to minimize your active concerns while you are awake.  That's a good thing.

Dreams are very seldom predictive. They do help you deal with potential outcomes which may or may not happen.

Share these concerns with someone close to you, that may help reduce any anxiety you may be having about her.

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You're probably just worrying about this all the time and that is reflected in your dreams.  I might suggest to sign off whatever sites you're being stalked on for awhile.  I hope you've reported and blocked her first.  There are ways to avoid that .. Just be proactive.

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Trouble here is she has managed to get inside your head here and its going to be hard to get her out. Your subconscious will take over and play games with you like her visiting you at the house so you may need professional help getting rid of her.  Good luck

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