If our brains bombard us with thoughts about the past and the future where are we actually living?


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Darik Majoren answered

Depends entirely on the person . . .

Perhaps the best years of their life was as a star quarterback on their high school football team . . . They may live in the past embracing all that nostalgia they can muster.

Maybe they didn't have a great childhood and always look into the future for better times . . .

Or content in living each moment as it comes . . .

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Pea Nuts,

This bombardment...in Buddhism, it's called the Monkey Mind and it is definitely an obstacle.

And in all the spiritual traditions, there is the preciousness of the "present moment, beautiful moment," as Thich Nhat Hanh describes it.

* * *

Jalal 'uddin Rumi, of the Mevlana Sufi, called to us:

"Come out of the circle of time, and into the circle of love."

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