Did the serpent in the bible originally have limbs?


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This myth, does not say.

It only says that the serpent was more crafty then any beast in the field (Literal Serpent and not a representation of Lucifer) . . . This also means it references the serpent as a particular species of animal . . . So maybe not that particular serpent but all serpents were crafty . . . And could . . . Speak?



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No, and God never gave the animals a mind so that they could carry on an intelligent conversation with humans. The snake was used by Satan the same way that a skilled person can make it seem that his voice is coming from a nearby doll or dummy. And since he is invisible Eve as well as some today think that snakes were able to talk. Genesis 3:1-6

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Actually I was referring to Cookie's expanded storyline that includes God giving animals the ability to "Talk" with humans in Genesis.
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God did not give animals the ability to speak .it was Satan that manipulated the serpent. The punishment that God gave symbolized Satan's debased condition. 2 Peter 2:4
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As Adam observed all the wild beasts of the field, there on the ground or on a tree a long scaly animal glided along, without limbs. Adam called it na‧hhash′, which to us means “serpent” or “snake.”

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