What’s your kryptonite?


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A guy named Justin ... I'm trying to move on from him. I decided a few months ago that he came into my life at the wrong time and saw lots of the worst of me  ...but he stayed through all that....  I think I love him :) and he's all I think about... And he's kryptonite then :) and he's making me laugh right now through text :) this is a beutiful disaster :)

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My first furbaby Star.

My second and my mama's boy Thor, aka Bubby.

And the Princess Arabella.

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Orange soda

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Halloween . . .

There is something about the time of the season with the scent of dead leaves, the sound of them crunching under your feet . . . Warm Apple/Pumpkin pie . . . The way the trees take on a different form  . . . The sounds of birds migrating . . . The whole allurement of the concepts of Ghost, Goblins and things that jump out at you in the night.

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