Are you happy with your life? or do you want to be rich? and move somewhere else? like a nicer state?


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I'm happy with my life. A few additional things would make it better but they aren't necessary for a good life.

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I was born during the Great Depression and when I was a kid I dreamed of being rich so that I could own a house and a car. Well, I got 'em both so, by my own definition, I am rich.

And my state is just fine. I live in  a village in the middle of a national park. I'll add a picture of the place.

Who could ask for anything else?

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Virginia Lou
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Dozy that is so lovely...does not LOOK like a place prone to wildfires, but I know you have mentioned it is...
Didge Doo
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Oh, yeah. We get them regularly. It looks lovely and green but there's a lot of tinder lying on the ground. It takes from 6 to 9 years to build up enough tinder from one major fire to the next but the chance of smaller fires is always there.

The biggie in my area was in 1968. Claimed a few lives, destroyed many homes, wiped out many square miles of bushland. There was vacant land alongside us at the time and I spent six hours clearing it on the D-day morning. I didn't do a good job, just cut the tops off everything and dragged it to the middle of the block. 45 minutes after I finished the fire came through and took the lot. We've had them in the area many times since, but that's the last time they came down our street.
Virginia Lou
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Whew! Reminds me of our Southern California...then the Santa Ana winds come through...
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I'm happy and not leaving Houston. But I could use $2500, just Cosūüėé.

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Oh yes, I am insanely happy with my life. At the risk of being immodest, there should be a movie made about it. 

I arose from under the heel of moronic, drunken parents to work my way to two college degrees, marry a ridiculously beautiful and incredible woman, travel the world, sire 5 absolutely amazing children and build a fortune sufficient to allow me to retire to a Mediterranean style palace of my own design in S Florida, at the age of 44.

My days are spent pursuing my leisure and the interests of our children and, as of only 8 months ago, our precious granddaughter. 

I can only wish that everyone else within reach of my words will find some measure of such happiness as I have in this life.

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Toxic Hairball
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Holy smokes, you sound like someone I should be following. Consider it done. Are you hiring, my friend?
Call me Z
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Not anymore, Toxic. The best I can do at this point is to offer the insight of one who has seen the wide spectrum of human experience that I have.
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Yes, I suppose I am.  I am married to my best friend.  We have raised 2 great individuals who now both are happily married, and have children of their own.  We are comfortable .. Now that we are retired, we are living in peace and contentment. The people who I love the most are enjoying good health and happiness .. And THAT makes me very happy.

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By the standards I grew up with I am rich. My mom was a single parent raising three kids, without child support. I know have a house more than twice the size of the one I grew up in. My bills are paid. There is plenty of food in the pantry. My husband and I are retired in our mid-50s. I have a good health, and live where I want to. I am happy with my life.

FYI, there have been several studies that say the happiest are those in the middle class. They make enough to pay their bills, so they don't stress about money. And they don't make so much that people expect more from them.

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Are you happy with your life? Or do you want to be rich?

...Well, being happy or being rich are definitely not mutually exclusive---so I really don't know how to respond to that part of your question.

And move somewhere else? Like a nicer state?

...I lived as a child (7-14) in Montana and came to absolutely love the mountains.  Humidity was lower in the Northwest (as opposed to the Southeast) and I liked the visual clarity (literally) that type of air provides. And I love the smell of pine.  I also liked getting snowed in occasionally, but now that I am 70, I understand why my parents didn't share my enthusiasm for the experience.

I've also been abroad, but never was interested in living anywhere else than the USA.  I've been in Texas for 50 years.  It's fine.  I never was interested in living in a specific area of the country.  I can always fly somewhere for a week or so if I want.  All family is in Texas and Arizona.

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I am happy and content, but . . .

Rich would be nice. It would allow me to focus on more important things besides paying bills . . .

I love the state I am in now.

  • 25 minutes from the beach (ocean)
  • 1 hour from Boston
  • 1 hour from skiing in the White mountains
  • Some of the best Fall foliage that New England has to offer

I wouldn't mind being rich enough to have several homes elsewhere . . . There are some spots in Europe I would live in.

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