Who is Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots?


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And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. [King James Version; the New International Version uses "prostitutes" instead of "harlots"].

Whore of Babylon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Rooster Cogburn
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To be honest with you? I don't believe much of what's in the bible. Written by men and their opinions of what they thought. These are mysteries that will never be solved and if they have? Us ordinary people will never know of it.
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Thank you
Rooster Cogburn
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Just my lousy opinion is all ! You're welcome.
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The ultra-evangelicals (ranging from the Adventists to the ratbags) mostly claim that it's a reference to the Papacy. Check out Rooster's answer.

The "harlot" doesn't exist. It's like embodying some of Nostradamus's (or Edgar Cayce's) prophecies with a reality they don't deserve. There's lots of hyperbole in Revelation. Good fun but not to be taken seriously.

Goodness me! Next we'll have somebody saying that Putin is the reincarnation of that fiendish Siberian holy man, Grigori Rasputin. What nonsense! We all know that Donald Trump is Rasputin reborn.

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Who knows?

"Two authors that have written about their concerns that the United States meets the prophetic qualifications of Babylon the Great are Michael Ross and John Price. Their works, Babylon the Great: Day of Destruction (2016) and The End of America (2013), respectively, find agreement in their analyses that America is."

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In Christian tradition this meaning of Lucifer has prevailed; the Fathers maintain that Lucifer is not the proper name of the devil, but denotes only the state from which he has fallen (Petavius, De Angelis , III, iii, 4).
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So why would they be singing about him in church? I'll try and pop back tomorrow, roommate just came in with his girlfriend.
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Sorry, Peanuts, I've been interested in the subject for 60 years (more if you count my childhood and teens) but I can't pin that down specifically.

I've examined some of the mystery religions and some of the nature religions as well as the Christian take on things. (Don't know a great deal about Judaism or Islam.) I even spent some time delving into the New Age movement.

What you're looking for is something you'll have to discover for yourself and there's no McDonald's fix for it. It's not instant knowledge but years of study.

The problem with the mystery religions is that while they're fascinating they don't really have much body.

If you want to learn some for yourself you could do worse than start by reading Aldous Huxley's "The Perennial Philosophy" or his "Gates of Perception". Of course, he was probably using mescalin when he wrote them but there's much to interest you in those books.

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