Why are we the way we are?


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The Earth was seeded by aliens, so we took on their physical characteristics but developed our own unique psychological quirks. The aliens abandoned us after their last visit because humans developed into war mongering, murderous, greedy little sh*ts.

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I STILL thank that was Jack Nicholson's best effort...well, there IS One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest...actually along with a couple others coming to mind also...
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Yep, I watched Easy Rider a few weeks ago. I hadn't watched it for well over 10 years.
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We are the sum of our accumulated decisions, molded from the consequences of our upbringing and weathered by the random tests of our surroundings.

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I yam as I yam because I thought I was indestructible. So how am I? *sob* Arthritic!

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Dear Purple Haze,

Well I have thought about this Q of yours also, and please go look in the mirror, because we you and me and all us Blurters, we are the end result of 13.99 billion years the universe has been in existence! (+/- a few years for statistical error...)

WE are the ultimate hour...the momentous culmination of all that grand and glorious stardust knocking around the cosmos...this "beautiful kind of moving, throbbing zazen," as we have been described...voilá, here we are!

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SuperFly Original
Looks very pretty huh?
SuperFly Original
Looks very pretty huh?
Virginia Lou
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Hi Dear SuperFly, yes I first saw these kind of spectacular cosmic photos when I was in Arizona 1997; just fell in love with them, and the whole concept as well...

Yes Didge, we learn SO much on Blurt...yesterday I learned what a burkini is...very educational here!
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Genetics and environmental factors that affect you psychologically. You're culture that tells you to act and talk a certain way, also the food you eat that affects your body and health.

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You are, the way YOU ARE, because of the big three:

Genetics - Those attributes both good and bad passed down to you from your parental lineage that effect your brain pattern and ability for Neural development.

Environment - Those things you breathed, Ate, Drank, and absorbed that attribute to ANY Physiological and Neural development and effects Neurochemistry.

Experiences - Those events, both Good and Bad, that shaped your Neural Pathways creating more larger or more smaller parts of you brain along with the Neurochemistry that make up your impulsive consciousness.

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Multiple reasons and some persons are more affected by certain factors in our existence than others.

What's more important is when you are old enough to evaluate whether what you have been taught and / or inadvertently learned is actually true or false.

How you proceed from there determines why each of us is the way we are.

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